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How To Scientifically Make Her Vagina Think Your Penis Is Huge

No pills, no surgery.

Just instant, replicable results that make a woman’s vagina “think” your penis is huge.

Check out the principles and techniques here.

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The Best Female Orgasm Video Courses

Here are the 3 best Female Orgasm Video Courses (click on the images for more information:


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The Trigasm

The video you’re about to watch may
seem like “porn” (because it is VERY

But it is NOT.

It is way BETTER.

On this video, 3 sexy girls will TEACH
YOU how to make ANY woman enjoy the
most intense orgasm of her life.

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This sensual video will ONLY be available

I strongly recommend that you watch
it now.

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Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box

Did you know that women can divided into 8 personality types?
If you don’t know how to identify the kind of woman you’re talking to and behave the way she gets turned, you’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities. On the other hand, if you do know, you’ll have the freedom to choose so many more women. How powerful would that make you feel?
Click the image below to find out more.

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Gabrielle Moore’s 12 Nights of Passion

12 Nights of Passion: a Sex Game to Be Carried Out in Days…
by Gabrielle Moore

Sex games can be as easy or as complicated as you want them to be. There are those where you just whip out a sex game board and be done with it in a few minutes – nothing wrong with that! – but there are also those that take some time in its execution.

Your sex life should never be a routine. That’s why it’s important to engage in BOTH simple and more complex sex games. One benefit of the latter is that the longer you delay actual lovemaking, the hotter you guys are by that time!

12 Nights of Passion

This sex game is designed for super extended foreplay. The goal is to reach the 12th night without having intercourse, making the 12th night one of intense passion. Here’s a sample outline you can use.

Beware: before you DO have intercourse, you must be ready to pay up for all the expectancy that you created! To know how to give her the best orgasms of her life, go to:

1st night – Have a romantic dinner either at home or at a fancy restaurant. While dining, play footsie and/or indulge in a little bit of groping underneath the table.

2nd night – Sprinkle red roses in bed, light some candles and play some soft music, and then just cuddle each other till you sleep.

3rd night – Play strip poker and once all your or your partner’s clothes are off, engage in a little dry rubbing, but that’s it! Don’t engage in having sex.

4th night – Play “silent dirty words”. Get a pen and blank sheet of paper each. Write a dirty word or phrase on the piece of paper, tear it off and hand it to your lover. Your lover reads it and then drops it in a bowl. Now it’s her turn to write another dirty word or phrase and hand it off to you. Do not talk in between this exercise. Just write, show the words and that’s it. The ‘loser’ is the one who runs out of dirty words first. (You will notice that at the end of this exercise, you guys have just collected a bowl of dirty phrases you can use for a future game!) After the game has ended, laugh it off, have a bowl of ice cream or something and go to bed.

5th night – Play sexy twister. Take out the twister mat or board and play a traditional game of twister… naked.

6th night – It’s the sixth day, give yourselves a little bit of reprieve by engaging in some hot oral sex. You can bring each other to a climax but do NOT engage in intercourse.

IMPORTANT: While engaging in oral sex, make sure to avoid the most common mistakes. Learn the proper techniques to satisfy your lover! Go to:

7th night – “Accidentally” leave out some adult-rated reading material for your lover to see and glance over. Make sure the erotica is hot enough to really bring about lust in your partner. When she asks you about it, feign innocence!

8th night – Give each other a sexual massage. Be naughty and daring but do not engage in lovemaking. You can engage in oral pleasure but not to the point of bringing on a climax.

9th night – Give your partner a call at an odd hour of the day, say 2 PM or whenever she least expects it, and engage in some phone sex. Don’t go too far; just get each other excited. After that, say you probably dialed the wrong number and hang up, or change your voice to ‘normal’ and simply say “love you honey, see you tonight for dinner” and then hang up.

10th night – Go online together tonight and preview a few adult-rated literotica.

11th night – Send naughty messages to your lover all throughout the day! Send a sex joke via SMS, email a long and dirty joke, and others. By the time you see each other tonight, pretend like nothing happened!

12th night – Shoot a short erotic video of yourself. Don’t go all the way. Instead, at the end of the video, look into the camera and tell your lover where you should meet tonight. It can be a hotel room, motel room or your own bedroom but fancily dressed up. The minute your lover enters the location you indicated on the video, do not engage in foreplay whatsoever! After all these days, you’re pent up passions will be enough for one of the hottest moments of your life!

The 12 Nights of Passion is designed to bring about so many things in your relationship. It’s a sex game of creativity and control. But its real goal is to make each day one of heightened sexual pleasure and longing for each other. Can you imagine how you guys will come together by the 12th night after all that waiting and sexual highs and lows?!? Give this extended sex game a try and be sure to do it more than once a year!

To learn a lot more about games and tips to satisfy your lover in bed, click the image below.

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Not Safe For Work – Video

It’s by a guy named Jason Julius.

And his tips and techniques on how to
give women incredible pleasure are pure

In the video Jason demonstrates how to
find and stimulate a woman’s G Spot.

Let me tell you I just got done watching
this video and it blew me away!

Simply enter a valid email on the page
and you’ll get immediate access to the

(this is just to prove that you’re at
least 18 since what Jason talks about is
considered adult content)

I promise you it’s worth it. You WILL
get a lot from watching this one.

G Spot Video

Talk Soon,
Harry Mete

P.S. Jason talks about a sure fire way
that you can tell if she’s had an orgasm
WITHOUT asking her (very important and
a must know for any man)

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Incredible Sex Video Series

It’s almost gone… This might be your last chance… What would happen if you let this slip?


If you weren’t aware, Penthouse Pet and Adult Film Star Ryan Keely’s new Porn Star Sex Life – Incredible Sex Video Series became available online for the first time ever recently.

If you didn’t know about this amazing course yet, you are really missing out. This is the ONLY course in the world that will:

1) Teach you step-by-step the exact techniques and maneuvers the top sexual performers in the WORLD use for ultimate sexual satisfaction.

2) Hot to give her multiple orgasms long before you even start having sex with your partner.

3) Unleash your inner sex-god, and be the best partner she’s ever had.

4) Get her to open up to all your wildest and dirtiest fantasies.

- And that’s really just the beginning. When you follow what Ryan Keely and fellow instructors Justine Joli and Jade Vixen have to say, you will become a living legend in bed…

I talked with Ryan about an hour ago, and she let it slip that she might be pulling this video series off the market soon – possibly for good.

Go see what all the fuss is about here:

Talk soon,

Harry Mete

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Instant Orgasm Techniques?

How would you like to bring about instant orgasms
in women unlike anything they have ever
experienced before?

Yes, I’m talking about powerful, body-shaking,
and often (according to many women) life-changing
orgasms… on command.

I know it sounds outrageous at first… and like
most men, I used to think that it’s impossible to
give women instant orgasms.

That is… until I discovered some crazy secrets
that will condition a woman’s mind to take her
from zero-to-horny in just seconds.

In fact as you’ll soon see, not only is it
possible to trigger a female orgasm “on command”,
it’s actually as EASY as pushing a button…

Click Here For The Naughty Details:

And then, I’d like you to promise me one thing…
keep an open mind about all this.

Yes, some of this can be exploited for “evil”,
but when done ethically, it’s a wonderful way to
help your woman reach incredible heights of
sexual pleasure – each and every time.

If you’re ready to enjoy this kind of raw, life-
changing power in your hands, go here:


Talk soon,

Harry Mete

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Sexual Body Language

The Human Mating Dance

Women come pre-wired with a mating dance in their subconscious brains. They don’t know what it is consciously and neither do most guys. If a guy touches a woman in the right sequence, she will more likely than not become sexually aroused and her wet pussy will crave his cock.

There’s a mating sequence in a certain species of fish (I can’t remember the name). If the male gets the sequence right, the female will mate with him. She will tolerate some mistakes. However, the more attractive she is, the less mistakes she will tolerate. Sound familiar?

So, what’s the right sequence for humans? Here it is:

Eye Contact


Look her right in the eyes and don’t break eye contact until she does. But, make sure you break it as well, otherwise it comes across as creepy. This is the paradoxically the most important step and the least important step. Her mating sequence can’t be initiated unless you do it, but it won’t get her pussy wet. The physical act of eye contact is quite simple and easy. The psychological act of looking into a woman’s eye you’re really attracted can be extremely difficult. Be a man and do it. Direct eye contact is the No1 indicator of confidence to a woman.

But, DON’T turn your body towards her until she turns her body towards you because it subconsciously turns of most women. Only turn your head towards her.



You have to talk to her! Don’t try to be sophisticated or unique. Just say, “hi” with a light smile. Develop a loud, resonating, clear, slowish voice.

  • Make your consonants crisp and drag your vowels out because this will give your voice a hypnotic quality.
  • Hum a lot to develop resonance.
  • For a loud voice, consciously project your voice through a woman’s body (especially her breasts), keep your body and face relaxed by breathing deep and slow with your belly, and keep your shoulders low and loose.
  • Communicate fun (yet stable) energy with your voice (think of fun energy in your mind and it will come out in your voice) because this “fun frame” will create a “halo effect”. Everything you do will be perceived as fun, and any mistakes you make will be overlooked or disregarded. Alternatively, if you communicate “non-fun” energy with your voice,  you will create a “negative halo effect”. No matter what you say and do will be perceived negatively or simply disregarded, even if it’s “text-book” perfect. 
  • A strong voice is the No2 predictor of confidence to a woman.



Always shake her hand because this creates the “kino frame”: it is natural for you and her to touch one another. But, remember your “fun frame”? Use your hands to create the “fun kino frame”. Give her a fun handshake like the rock or a high five, or even better, have a thumb war because this prolongs the touching. As you’re having a thumb war, place your other hand on the inside of her elbow and tell her to do the same to you because the touching of elbows is the next step in the human mating dance.  Then, win the thumb war. Do a victory dance and congratulate her for doing her best by placing your hand on her shoulder. You can also reinforce the fun kino frame by saying, “Why are the women here so fun and friendly, but just a bit naughty?” She should laugh, and by doing so, her subconscious will start to make her body behave in a fun, touchy-feely, sexual way because this line creates a “sexual frame”: It is OK  to be sexual. It’s important that you set a sexual frame immediately or else a woman’s subconscious will find it very difficult to sleep with you later on.


When she’s talking, turn your ear to her mouth and lean in. When you talk, turn your mouth to her ear. Eventually you’ll be talking to cheek to cheek.


When you’re talking cheek to cheek, place an arm around her and put a hand on her hips and pull her closer, so you “hear her more clearly”. She’ll usually respond by putting her hand on your shoulder or chest. I seriously recommend going to a gym and working out your pecs so she has something firm to place her hands on.



Take her left hand and ask why there isn’t a ring on her finger. She’ll say, “I don’t know, blah, blah, blah.” You say with a playful voice and a light smile, “Is it because you’re crazy?” She’ll laugh or playfully hit you because you’ve already set a fun kino frame. Then say, “I know why. It’s because you’re a bad kisser.” She’ll protest that she’s a good kisser. You say, “OK, prove it.”

Then start “triangulating”. Look at her left eye for 1 second, then her right eye for 1 second, then her lips for 1 second. Keep triangulating until she does it back or her lower lip gets slightly bigger or her mouth opens slightly (this mimics an aroused pussy). Her pupils will also dilate when she’s attracted to you. Looking at a woman’s lips makes her sexually aroused.

Then, lean forward, tilt your head, close your eyes and lightly suck her lower lip for a fraction of a second. Don’t use any saliva! Slowly pull back. She will re-initiate the kissing.Then, place one hand on the back of her neck and start massaging it. Smell her hair and lightly pull it. Kiss her neck.

Practise sucking the back of your hand with no saliva to get the technique right.



As you’re kissing, press your chest into hers. Put your hands on her hips. She will put her arms around your shoulders.



Brush your hands over her butt and thighs. Take her by the hand and lead her to bed.



With your pants still on, grind your groin into hers. When she grinds back, massage her clitoris through her clothes. Then take of her panties and do fingering techniques for 15 minutes (A, C and G spot stimulation).



Don’t put your cock in her pussy until she has reached “plateau” (her inner lips are extremely wet and darker in colour). This is usually the case when you can put 2 or 3  fingers in her pussy with ease. Use grapeseed oil as a lubricant to accelerate this.

Use plenty of teasing, especially with “kunbaya”: You rub the head of your erect penis into her clitoris and around her vaginal opening for 15 minutes.

Grind your pubic bone into her C spot (clitoris) and the base of your penis into her G spot. Aim to maintain continuous contact on these 2 spots.


As she approaches orgasm she:

  • has short, rapid breathes
  • tenses up and begins to squirm
  • thrusts her hips into your to match your thrusting
  • puts her hands on your body and pulls you in deeper

When she orgasms, her anus involuntarily contracts.

Next time you have an orgasm, put your fingers and your anus and feel the contractions. Those will be the same contraction when she orgasms. If she claims to be cumming, put your finger on her anus or perineum, if you can’t feel any contractions, she’s faking it! Watch the video in this blog post too see anal contractions.

Want to learn more about sexual body language? Then instantly download SEX IQ.

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Female Orgasm Contractions

Don’t watch this video if you’re offended by vaginas.

Question: How do you know if a woman is having an orgasm?

Answer: Her anus involuntarily contracts 5-10 times with contractions about 0.8 seconds apart. Women fake orgasms vocally, but the anus never lies.

If you’re a man, find a quiet place and masturbate. Yes, that’s right, masturbate! When you orgasm, put a finger on or around your anus. Notice the contractions.

Next time, you think a woman is having a orgasm, put a finger on or around her anus. The contractions will be similar to your orgasmic contractions.

Watch this video for proof:

Most women have weak orgasm muscles because they don’t masturbate/practise as much as men, so their orgasmic contractions aren’t as strong.

What’s the solution? Give her a “Kegel Assignment”. Ask your wife or girlfriend to strengthen her orgasm muscles, so she can have quicker, stronger orgasms.

Tell her this:

“Next time you pee, stop the flow. You just contracted your orgasm muscles. Now contract your orgasm muscles for at least 10 minutes every day. Do pulses of 1 second each and holds of 1 minute each. I’ll text you everyday to remind you if want.”

Allow about 3 weeks for her to strengthen her orgasm muscles and then notice that when she cums, you can feel her pussy contract around your cock.

If you don’t feel vaginal contractions around your penis during her “supposed” orgasm, you’re not as good in bed as you think you are. The main reason women cheat is because their partners aren’t giving them vaginal intercourse orgasms. Make her cum on your cock or else she’ll find a real man who will. Make her cum on your cock and she’ll become sexually and emotionally addicted to you. She will beg and nag you for sex.

Do you want more NO BS Female Orgasm Principles? Then, instantly download SEX IQ.

“Zero Fluff. Straight to the Muff.”

Harry Mete

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