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G spot orgasm & massage techniques

WARNING: This is a controversial video. It is explicit, yet highly educational. If you don’t want to see a naked woman having a squirting, whole-body orgasm, then don’t watch. It is NOT pornographic.

It is 37 minutes long, so here are some points for quick reference:

3:51 The anatomy of the vagina. Female ejaculate comes out of the U spot (urethra) aka pee hole. Kegel exercises (contracting the vagina repeatedly) make squirting G spot orgasms stronger.

6:57 The C spot (clitoris) orgasm. When a woman has a C spot orgasm, leave your finger there and she will cycle into another orgasm (ie multiple C spot orgasms).

8:01 Massage techniques. Massage releases tension and absence of tension is crucial for squirting G spot orgasms.

  • 10:01 Inside shoulder blade
  • 11.08 Lower back
  • 11:35 Middle of buttocks
  • 12:23 Upper-inner thigh
  • 14:28 Under collar bone
  • 15:41 Top of breasts
  • 16:29 Bottom of breasts
  • 16:58 Under ribs
  • 17:12 Pubic bone
  • 17:56 Side of labia majora

19:15 Squirting G spot orgasm technique: rapid pumping with middle and ring fingers.

20:58 Squirting G spot orgasm. Notice how her ejaculate comes out of her urethra.

21:20 Whole-body orgasm (lots of massage is essential for this). Notice her altered state of consciousness and uncontrollable giggling.

27:45 A good relationship makes whole-body orgasms much easier.

28:13 Trouble-shooting: Squirting G spot orgasms work best with women who have the following characteristics:

  • sense of humour
  • high self-esteem
  • lack of emotional issues (use emotional freedom techniques to solve this problem)
YouTube Preview Image
  • healthy (not obese, hour glass figure)
  • squirter dimples (dimples in the lower back)

squirter dimples

These characteristics indicate a relaxed body with good bloodflow which is essential for squirting G spot orgasms. Also, a woman may think she’s about to pee, so will withhold her orgasm. Your job is to reassure her it’s cum and LEAD HER THROUGH IT.

33:55 Anchoring. You can associate her orgasm with something else. For example, you can kiss her on the forehead and she’ll have an orgasm.

36:16 Chakra cleansing. Chakras are energy centres along the spine. When they are “cleansed” a person becomes extremely relaxed and has inner peace.

Here’s the video:

After you’ve watched the video, instantly download SEX IQ for advanced female orgasm techniques.

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  1. Sean says

    The link for the 37 minute video for the squirting g spot orgasm doesn’t go to the video. It just goes to a web sight that you have to pay for membership. I would really like to see it demonstrated to better help my wife have these types of orgasms.

  2. Harry says

    The link works.

  3. WP Themes says

    Good dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

  4. ascebraNource says

    appealing answers i like it

  5. Vigrx Plus says

    Well I acquiesce in but I dream the brief should prepare more info then it has.

  6. mauren gomez gutierrez says

    me gustaria conocer mas de los orgasmos

  7. madone says

    Does anybody know the name of the guy that demonstates the female squirting video? Does he have a website?

  8. Harry says

    Stephane Hemon.

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